'I am attracted to my brother's girlfriend...'

Dear Diana,
My brother and his girlfriend keep fighting often. Though they have been together for two years, it has been a rocky relationship. His girlfriend often turns to me to relate her sob story. My brother is three years older to me. Last month, the two had a showdown and his girl was in tears. She turned to me for solace and I found myself drawn to her. She has been calling me and meeting me to explain her situation, but I am falling in love with her. We now often hang out together, the real reason being that I want to be with her. I do not know how to tell my brother my feelings for his girlfriend. He would be terribly hurt if I told him. But things have come to such a point now that she wants to leave my brother. At the same time, I care for my brother and do not want to hurt him. He tells me that he squabbles with her when she gets demanding. What do I do? I am torn between my brother and his girlfriend.
— Aryaveer

Illustration/Uday Mohite
Illustration/Uday Mohite

Dear Aryaveer
This girl is just using you as a shoulder to cry on. She has no feelings for you even though you have fallen for her. She is hoping that you convey to your brother whatever she has to say. When they fight, your brother is in no mood to listen, so this is her way of communicating with her. From what you have said they keep having differences and then patch up. This is just one more lovers' tiff. Stop being the middle man in the relationship. Let them fight their own battles. Also, stop thinking of a future with her. Tomorrow they will patch up and you will be left heartbroken.

Diana will solve it!
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