'I am attracted to my neighbour...'

Dear Diana,
I am in love with my nextdoor neighbour. Ever since she shifted late last year, I was attracted to her. Though she keeps looking at me, I am unsure of her feelings for me. How do I befriend her and get to know her? She stays with her parents and is the only child. I stay with my mother and a younger sister. My father works in the Gulf. As my mother and sister are also at work, they do not interact with the neighbours. I try my best to be the good helpful neighbour, but I have no inkling of what is going on in her mind. I work in a travel agency. When they had shifted, her mom had introduced herself and said that her daughter was keen to be an air-hostess. I am 26 and she looks to be around 21-22 as her mother said she completed her graduation last year. I feel she is extremely pretty and I keep dreaming about her.
- Manav

Dear Manav,
You appear to be besotted by her. As she is in your age group, it will not be too difficult to strike a conversation with her. Next time she looks at you, smile and say a hello. If she is interested, the conversation will flow. Also, there is no dearth of subjects to talk about. Anything from the building issues to the watchman to the hawkers. Moreover you work in a travel agency and she wants to be an air hostess, so there are common subjects to talk about. Another option is to hang out with another neighbour who knows her, he or she then can formally introduce you to her. At the same time be cautious and don’t make it appear as if you are dying to get to know her. Remember you are neighbours too, so there should be no reason for discontentment among your and her folks at a later stage. So do not act in haste, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Diana will solve it!
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