I am crazy about my office receptionist

Nov 04, 2011, 08:01 IST | Diana

Dear Diana,
I am crazy about this girl who works as a receptionist in the office. I am 28 and I guess she is around 23. We always share glances from across the room and we are always SMSing or emailing each other. The problem is that some of our colleagues have got wind of it. They have begun teasing her and this is making her uncomfortable. It is upsetting me too as I really don't know where our relationship will go. My biggest fear is that it should not affect our work. What should I do?
- Rohidas

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Rohidas,
Tread very carefully as in an office romance, you are likely to jeopardise your work and standing among colleagues. If she has feelings for you and if you have the courage, then admit to your colleagues that you are a couple. But make it very clear that it will not affect work. But if you don't want to confess, then stop those staring sessions. People around you are observing you. Speak to her after office hours. But at the same time, both of you have been a subject of office gossip so it won't die down so soon. So watch your every move.



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