'I am into fast cars'

F1 brought many Bollywood faces to the far corner of Greater Noida. Vikram Singh was one such. MiD DAY caught up with him at the race

What brings you to Delhi?

I am a Delhi boy, but I live in Mumbai now. This time I am here for the Formula 1 race. The turn out is awesome. I am also a part of Sahara parivar so I had to be here anyway.

What do you think is the future of F1 in India?
F1 isn't seen as a sport in India yet, it's more of a socialising event. It's a rich man's sport and the aam janta isn't aware of it much. The only sport that rules here is cricket, but I believe F1 will grow here in stature some time. It's only when we win a race will people be aware.

Are you into fast cars?
Yes I am into fast cars. I like adventure sports. I love sky diving, boxing and cricket of course.

Tell us about your movie career?
I have done four films in Bollywood. My first film was Sauten with Mahima Chaudhary and then I did a comedy film Oldd iss Goldd with Kader Khan and Shakti Kapoor and the other one was Kuchh Kariye in which the singer Sukhwinder Singh debuted as an actor.

Right now I am shooting for two films. One is an action packed Telegu flick Rebel. I am playing a negative character in it. Second one is a Hindi film directed by Hasnain Hyderabadwala, director of The Train and The Killer. The title of the film has not been finalised yet.

Why do you think Bollywood has not attempted a car film ever, like Fast and Furious?
Once a genre becomes hit, people start making films of the same type. But yes, we have tried it once with bikes in Dhoom and the movie worked too but no body tried one with cars. Maybe there would be something soon.

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