Dear Diana,
I'm a 14-year-old girl and study in class nine. I don't have many friends at school. And as I'm obese, almost everyone takes liberty at making fun of me. My parents have advised me not to take them seriously. So I try to act accordingly but I'm losing my patience. I don't have a life. Most of the times I just keep wondering if only I was leaner and didn't grab attention as someone so out of shape. To make things right, I started jogging too and am eating moderately but not much has changed. I'm still that fat little girl. 
- M

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear M,
Unless you have a medical problem, there is no reason why you can't knock off the kilos by eating sensibly and exercising. Remember you are only 14 so seek medical help before you do anything drastic. Remember at your age several kids are overweight due to the junk food and cola that they prefer to live on. Also, there were several people who were obese during their childhood but shed the kilos as adults. Your parents are right in saying that ignore the taunts of the kids at school. At the moment concentrate on your studies that is more important as next year will be a crucial year for you due to the class X board exams. Once you finish school you can concentrate on your grooming and looks.