'I am finding it hard to break up with my girlfriend...'

Jul 25, 2015, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana,
I have been friendly with this girl for the past two years. She is of a studious nature and wants to do her PhD. To be frank, her academic leaning is the cause of friction between us. Initially, she was working, so things were okay, but now she has quit her job to pursue her thesis for her doctorate.

Dear Diana

I am funloving and carefree. Our different personalities are now on a collision course, but she just refuses to let me go. She feels that I am wasting my life and that she is the only person who can knock sense into my head. I am keen to pursue music. Due to this reason, I have been having problems breaking up with her. She enjoys self-pity, so she keeps telling me how much she cares for me. She keeps telling me that I will not find anyone else who cares for me like she does. To add to my woes, she has this habit of springing surprises which I detest, especially when I am with my pals. When I get upset, she apologises and then promises to be normal. A few days later, the same routine takes place. How do I break off with her?
— Ritesh

Dear Ritesh,
It appears that initially all was well, but now you find her irritating and want a way out. She may indulge in self pity and get emotional, but you have to be firm. You have a wavering mind due to which you cannot take a decision. Why are you tolerating her antics? You seem to be forgiving her every time she creates a scene. You need to sit down and tell her exactly how you feel. Explain to her that your distinct mindset is causing the rift in the relationship. Instead of breaking off, you could take a break in the relationship for a while. During this period, you can take stock of the situation and be sure of your decision to break off.

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