Dear Diana,
I have been with my boyfriend for four years. He broke up with me two months ago. I thought our relationship was going fine even though we had our share of ups and downs. Three months before we broke up, he started behaving odd. Then one day, he declared that he was being stifled in the relationship. He said he was keen to move on. I was clueless and devastated. I tried to reach out, but nothing worked. Last week, he came to drop off the stuff I had given him. I told him I thought it was unfair how he broke up with me and it was entirely his calling as I didn't have a say in it. He retorted by saying that I was giving him signs that I wanted to break up. This is not true at all. He has left me heartbroken and shattered.
— Anaida

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Anaida,
First of all this guy had already lost interest in you. He was whiling away time and trying to find an excuse to break off. It is clear that he is not interested in you. He has already moved on and it is better you do so. It will be difficult for you, but remember he did not care for you. If he truly loved you he would not have behaved in such a manner. You were sincere and loyal to him, but looks like he just did not care. You should have got the tell-tale signs when he started behaving oddly. You should have questioned him about his change in behaviour. He says you were giving him signs that you, too, wanted to break away. He certainly owes you an explanation for it. This man appears to be all muddled up and cannot be trusted. Time heals all wounds, so make an effort to forget him. Immerse yourself in work and keep busy so that you do not harbour any such thoughts. This man did not deserve your love.