Dear Diana,
A new teacher joined our school recently. She is young and a favourite of the students. We consider her as a buddy. But I have gone a step further. I have fallen in love with her. I keep fantasising about her. During practicals, I keep going to her on the pretext of clearing my doubts. When she takes extra classes, I am sitting in the front row staring at her. I am keen to take this relationship forward. I have even found out her cell phone number with the help of the school peon. Often, when she carries stuff like answer papers and books to the staff room, I offer to help. Do you think she likes me? She keeps looking at me in the class. I think she is the most beautiful person in the world.
– Karan

Dear Karan,
At your age, it is common to have a crush on teachers. But do not confuse it with love. When you move to the next class and have a new set of teachers, this young teacher will be forgotten in due course. Do not go overboard with your feelings for her as it might land you in the principal’s office. Concentrate on your studies instead and try to score high marks in the subject she teaches if you find her so helpful and cooperative. As she is younger than the other teachers, she is trying to be friendly with the students. You have managed to find her cell number through the school peon, hope he does not go around telling the support staff or you will be in trouble. You are just assuming that the teacher likes you, but the truth is that you are just another student in the class for her. She likes you as much as she likes the other students.