Dear Diana,
I am a 34-year-old doctor. I can't get my eyes off one of my patients. Whenever she walks into my clinic, my heart skips a beat. As she is a medical student and doing her postgraduation, we have lots to talk about. I am married and have a kid. My wife has no clue about my feelings for her. I am keen to get to know this girl better. I only know her age and medical history. She has been having severe pain which has been diagnosed as kidney stones. Right now she is under medication, but she might have to go in for surgery. As she has been experiencing recurrent pain, she has been doing the rounds of my clinic since the past few weeks. I keep calling her on the pretext of asking her about her pain. She has started wondering why I am showing so much interest in her. I don't know how to make her understand that she is special to me. What should I do? I can't ask her out for fear of being caught by my wife. I am caught in an unhappy marriage with a suspicious wife.
— Niranjan


Dear Niranjan,
Your wife is of a suspicious nature, so she is sure to get a whiff of your affair. It will be hell for you then. Right now the girl is your patient, so treat her like one. She has already got a hint and wondering why you are showing so much concern about her. Before she creates a scene, stay within your limits. If you go any further, it will amount to an extramarital affair. You are playing with fire and get ready to get scorched when your wife finds out about your affair. You are a fool to think that the girl might be interested in you. It appears that you want to use her to satisfy your urges due to a bad marriage. But remember as soon as she is cured she will stop visiting your clinic. So it is better you let her remain what she is — just your patient.