'I am in love with two guys....'

Dear Diana,
I'm 25 and in a relationship with two guys. I have been balancing the two quite well and each has no clue of the other. I find them amazing in their own ways. They keep splurging me with gifts. I have been having a good time with them. Now I feel I am cheating on them and it is time to pick one. How should I choose? It's posing to be difficult.
— Laila


Dear Laila,
What were you waiting for all this while? Were you planning a threesome? You have taken the two guys on a royal ride and you have been lucky that they are clueless about each other's existence. When they find out, you will have a lot of explanations to do with the two gunning for each other. You seem to be living in your dream world spinning fantasies about the two. Take a reality check and decide who you want to be with pronto before your well-kept secret is out.

Dear Diana,
I like this girl, but I am unsure if she likes me. I don't know how to tell her about my feelings. I have known her since the past year. We keep chatting and talking almost every day as she stays in the neighbourhood. Last week, she told me that there was something important she had to tell me. Lightning struck when she told me that she had found her Mr Right. I felt like a fool and ever since I have been avoiding her.
— Raymond

Dear Raymond,
You felt like a fool? Make that you are a fool by not expressing your feelings for her or even dropping hints. It is obvious that she considered you just a buddy and nothing more. You can only hope that things don't work out with this guy perhaps and that she will be back in your life. Or else move on and next time you like a girl be expressive and drop big hints to avoid regret.

Diana will solve it!
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