I am married but still have feelings for an old flame

Dear Diana,
I am 35 and got married 10 years ago. Prior to this, I was in love with a girl but never mustered the courage to tell her. Later, under unavoidable circumstances, I entered an arranged marriage. Over the years, I got to know that the girl I had liked, had the same feelings for me but was too shy to tell me. Anyways, I moved on and everything was fine in my marriage until recently. I happened to stumble upon that girl's pictures on a social networking site. The only problem is she is married now with kids and seemed very happy in those photos. Nonetheless, my mind is occupied by her thoughts. Can I grow out of this crisis?
- Sahil

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Sahil,
There is no point digging up the past now. This is something that happened a decade ago, so let bygones be bygones. You are married and so is she. Rekindling an old romance will only spell big trouble for you. Do you want to ruin two homes? Have you even thought of the repercussions? You may have known that she, too, had feelings for you. But what about the present? She may have moved on and forgotten you. She may be happily married, so why do you want to ruin her life now? I suggest staring at her pictures on her social networking site will do you no good, only harm. Let those memories remain in the past.


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