I am my own person: Priyanka

Priyanka Chopra is nursing a hurt knee but her spirit is unwavering. She says, “I was rehearsing for an awards function and the gravity-defying performance got the better of my poor knee. But it’s healing fast and I am busy promoting my upcoming film”. We chat up the A-lister

A period drama
My upcoming film with Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor is special because it’s a period film, a genre I wanted to explore. Also, it has a good storyline and has a young feel to it.

Bond with the boys
They are far more experienced than I was in my first few films. I was very young when I started doing films. Arjun has literally grown up in the industry while Ranveer has also been associated with films since a young age. So they are not exactly newbies, which is a plus point for them. Even though I have more experience than them as far as films are concerned, they didn’t really need my guidance. Thankfully, I wasn’t the butt of their jokes but definitely the centre of their attention (laughs). I was one of the boys in their fun and games. We also worked in extreme conditions like shooting outdoors in the scorching summers of Kolkata.

Western inspiration
A lot is being made about the golden bodysuit that I have worn for a cabaret song in the film being inspired from JLo. A stupid comparison because it’s the basic skin embellishment that an actress or entertainer would wear for a dance sequence. It’s like the little black dress which everyone wears. Being compared to JLo may sound flattering, but I would rather be known as my own person. Nothing compares to being your own self, anyways.

Criticism meter
I take criticism constructively. It is important to grow as a person. But stories that are biased and made up to seek attention are simply not acceptable. There is no reason to justify the malicious rumours being floated around. Luckily, I have a strong bond with my fans. I prefer focusing on the love and appreciation of my millions of fans than bother about the vile reactions of a few hundreds who want to pull me down.

No expectations
I am not the kind of person who has great expectations from her projects. My idea is to do a good job and let destiny take its course. Of course, I would like all my films to do wonderful business but that’s not in my hand. I also feel that as artistes, we take too much credit for a film’s outcome when fact is that it is teamwork.

Sibling rivalry
I haven’t had the time to catch up with Parineeti’s latest release though there were three trials. I have been super busy with the promotion of my upcoming film. But I am proud of what she does in every film. It’s dumb to even insinuate a rivalry between us. We are family. Period.

Power woman
The biopic on Mary Kom is shaping up well. In fact, we have a shoot schedule at the end of the month. It’s a film that is not just limited to the great achiever but a story for every girl who cannot be restricted and is capable of doing much more than what is expected of her.

Adios, resolutions!
Like every year, I made a New Year resolution to eat healthy and promptly broke it the next day itself (laughs aloud).

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