I am not really a prankster: Imran Khan

Jul 06, 2012, 08:43 IST | Special Features

Calling himself lazy, Imran tells CS about his real sober nature:

My tranquil moments
I am not really a prankster. Pranks require a certain amount of involvement and energy which I don’t have. I am a very tranquil person. I put my energy only in things that call for it, like my work. Once my work is done, I go onto what I called the ‘screen saver mode’. I can sit and just stare at nothing in particular.
I am basically very classic in my taste. Even in my house, I don’t like too much colour. I like to keep it clean and neutral. Right now, I am doing up my house in just grey stone and white walls, wooden furniture and no garish colours.

Tuning in
Music plays a big part in an actor's life. Because it puts you in a certain mindset. So based on the film that I am doing, I change the kind of music that I am listening to. And I watch a lot of movies and read as well. I read especially on shoots between shots, when there is a lot of time and there's nothing to do. I read anything from the thriller, fiction books to those that teach you skills; like a cooking, carpentry or a photography book.

The cook in me
I cook very well. I can cook anything. Avantika is very happy ofcourse. I cook anything from Indian dishes to pastas and pizzas. Recently, I learned how to kneed the pizza base dough. So I can make the base and the pizza sauce right from scratch. 

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