'I am scared he will reject me...'

Dear Diana,
I recently met this guy through mutual friends. I really like him, but he seems to be unaware of my feelings for him. My friend who knows him well and who knows that I like him, tells me repeatedly that I should tell him what I feel. I am, however, afraid that I might lose his friendship. Or he might make fun of me. Our common friend keeps telling me that I should make the first move. The pal keeps telling me if I wait, there could be someone else on his scene soon. He is in a single and ready to mingle phase. What if he rejects me? I will be heartbroken. At the same time, I do not know if there is anyone else on his scene. How do I go about it? Should I make my first move or start dropping hints? I get tongue tied when he is around.
— Sharmishta


Dear Sharmishta,
You can start by dropping hints. You're worried about what he might think, but at the same time there is the fear of losing him if he takes a fancy to someone else. The common pal could also help you get to know him. Perhaps he, too, is in a similar situation and does not know how to tell you. So dropping hints is a good idea. Try to spend time alone with him. Even when you are in a group, try to be around him. From the way he reacts, you can gauge what is on his mind. If he reciprocrates and gives you a patient ear, chances are that he is also interested in you. If he does not appear attentive and does not seem to care about what you are saying, chances are that he is not interested in you. Do not worry too much about what he might think. As long as you do not make a fool of yourself, it's okay. You appear to be tongue-tied when he is around. There is no need to be under any pressure, just be yourself.

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