'I am scared that my ex may misuse my snapshots...'

Aug 12, 2014, 06:39 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana,
I'm 28 and recently split with my boyfriend of four years. I have told him to delete all my snapshots in his possession which he said he would. I am worried that he will post them up online and ruin my life. Shall I stop worrying as he hasn't posted anything yet? I have deleted all the snapshots I had of him. He is aware of it. We are not in contact ever since we broke up three months ago. I'd like to assume that he won't, but what if he does?
— Shalmana


Dear Shalmana,
It appears that you had an amicable break up. You have deleted all the snapshots which were in your possession and he is aware of it. So lets assume he has and even if he has not, he won't misuse it. When you were parting ways, you had told him, so he must have. There is no need to worry. He appears to be a sensible guy who will not be a source of embarrassment to you. If this is still worrying you, you can tell him your worry and if he is mature enough he will understand your predicament. If he misuses it, you can complain to the cyber crime cell.

Dear Diana,
I've being going steady with my boyfriend for about a year now. However, of late, I'm just not 'in the moment' anymore. It's hard to explain because I still love my boyfriend. We aren't doing anything different, but the last few weeks I've felt like I'm going through the motions when I am with him. I'm not sure why this has happened.
— Zola

Dear Zola,
You are bored in the relationship, so now it is like a daily routine in your life. May be the spark in the relationship has gone missing. Or perhaps you are unsure if you want to continue in the relationship. You need to voice your concern to your guy. May be your guy has not realised it, so he can help in adding the fizz back in the relationship.

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