I am 26, she is 32 and want to marry

Dear Diana,
I am 26 and the woman I am having an affair with is 32. but looks younger. When we are together, we look like any other couple and no one can guess that she is six years older to me! We are planning a future together. But my parents are concerned about what will happen in the future. Will the age gap create any problems for us?
- Dhiren

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Dhiren,
Your folks may be troubled about the age gap but if you both have made up your mind, that she is six years older to you is no big deal. Just look around there are so many women out there who are older to their hubbies. As for your question about will there be problems. Yes, you can live a normal life � sexually and emotionally. And yes, you can have children too. Also, you say that she does not look her age but younger, so unless you or she tell people, no one would even know!


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