I am still infatuated by my English teacher

Dear Diana,
I'm a 23 year-old electronics engineer. Even my close friends aren't aware that I am a closet poet. Most of my poems revolve around the English teacher from my secondary school days. I started scribbling verses because of my infatuation with her. And it's been seven years now. This is not love but I couldn't get myself into a serious relationship either. Thanks to my obsession with her, I don't find anyone as enchanting as her. To make things worse, I didn't even talk to her and haven't seen her after the HSC exams. Silent admiration clearly made a fool out of me, isn't it?
- Tanmay

Dear Tanmay,

It depends on how you look at it. You may have been a fool but because of this you have become a poet. There are several students who get infatuated by their young teachers. This has been happening for generations. It is all part of your growing up years and happens to many at some point of time in their student years. But you knew for sure this is not going to lead to a relationship and is also not going to get you anywhere. For a teacher, every year there is a new batch of students. And you are just one of them. Obviously she was not your friend that she would keep in touch with you. It is best to let her be your muse who still inspires you to pen poems. So what if you are studying for engineering, you can still pen verses. May be one day also compile a book of poems!

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