Dear Diana,
I have been friendly with this guy at my work place. He thinks the world of me. I know that he likes me and has even expressed his affections for me. He goes out of his way to help me. At the same time, my parents have found a guy for me. Things are in the talking stage and if it works out, we will get engaged. I have been talking to him on the phone and even gone out with him. I am confused though whether to go ahead with this alliance or should I be with my office colleague. My parents do not know about my office love. Now that things are getting serious and there is talk of an engagement, I told my office guy what is going on at home. He gave me a patient hearing and wished me goodluck. After that day, he has stopped talking to me. It is strictly a professional relationship with him. He used to often drop me home and help at work. He has stopped doing all that. I am feeling terrible. I miss him now, but at home, when talk is about the guy my parents have chosen, I feel I should go with him. All this is leaving me confused.
— Rudaali

Dear Diana

Dear Rudaali,
You will have to choose between the two. You cannot be with both. The office guy has decided to move away from your scene. He was serious about you while you were not. As soon as you told him what was happening on the home front, it was a clear indication that you were not interested in him. You need to clear your muddled mind. Sit down and weigh the options, listen to your heart. Once you have found your answer, stick to it. If you feel you are happier with the office guy, you need to tell your family immediately so that they do not make any other plans. If you want to go ahead with their choice, then let your office guy be. He has already moved away, so let him be. Whatever your decision, stick to it and do not have a wavering mind, especially when it comes to choosing a life partner.