Dear Diana,
I broke up with my boyfriend last week. We would keep on fighting and the negativity that followed drove me to take this extreme step. I have known him for over three years. He used to work at my office but he is now employed elsewhere. I know this is what I wanted and I am better off without him but I am really sad and have cried buckets. For some reason although I just can't forget him. What can I do to stop feeling like this and how do I stop him from not talking to me? The past week has been horrible. I am in a state of mourning and greatly depressed. What do I do?
- Meghna

Illustration/ Jishu Dev Malakar

Dear Meghna,
I understand what you are going through. Being in a sad state of mind is something you will have to deal with. You are missing him and you're grieving because he is not around. Also, there are lots of memories attached and you can't let go it all so soon. At the same time remind yourself that something was amiss due to which you decided to call it quits. Immerse yourself in work and over time you will forget. Time is the biggest healer. Remember that you're now free to start anew with a new understanding about relationships. And good heavens stop crying.... this isn't the end of the world, just the end of a relationship.  If he tries to talk to you be cordial but avoid hanging around where he is likely to be.