Dear Diana,
I recently broke up with my boyfriend. We were together for eight years. For the past couple of months, we used to squabble a lot. I thought it was best to go our separate ways. He, however, felt we should take time off each other for a while and then decide. According to him, we needed to introspect. I felt he was trying to be difficult. We ended up having a showdown and in a fit of anger, I told him to get lost. Now it has been two months, and there is no contact with him. I miss him a lot and regret breaking off with him. I have tried calling him and sending him SMSes, but he has not been responding. I send him at least 20 text messages apologising for what I have done every day. I also keep calling him, but he keeps cutting the call. I want him to give me another chance.
- Navita

Dear Navita,
Whatever has happened is of your doing. As they say, act in haste and regret at leisure. The reason why he suggested time off from the relationship was to gauge what was going wrong. If you had heeded to his suggestion, you would not have been as miserable as you are today. You told him to get lost and that is exactly what he is doing. You are finding it hard to cope with heartbreak. He is avoiding you and not responding to your SMSes, but his behaviour is justified after what you have done to him. If you want him to be back in your life, you will need to win him over again. Before that you need to control your temper. He will play hard to get and want the upper hand after what you have done to him. So when you decide to get back, work towards building a healthy relationship instead of fighting all the time.