'I bumped into my ex flame...'

Dear Diana,
I was in love with this guy years ago. We just drifted apart and went our ways. There was no contact ever since. Last week, I bumped into him and we spoke. We took off from where we had left off. It was like yesterday once more after all these years. We can talk and talk — day and night. Perhaps it was in our destiny that we would meet again. Ever since, we have been talking to each other daily and meet whenever we can. We know that we are in love with each other, but I do not know how to say it as both of us are married. What do I do? He says he is at peace when I am around. Should we meet on the sly and keep our relationship going? Or should we go our way once more? Our respective spouses are clueless about what we are upto.
— Madhura

Dear Madhura,
You may be deeply in love with him, but you are having an extra marital affair. Whatever the reasons were to go your way, you need to do a reality check now. You did not work on the relationship then, broke off and did not even bother to seek a reconciliation. If you were so into him, what stopped you from getting back to him all these years. It is too late now to hook up as both of you are married. It will destroy families on both sides. You may want more than just friendship with him and destiny may have paid a part in getting you two together, but you will first have to separate from your respective spouses. Get your feelings across to him. Is he really keen this time? At the same time are you ready for the turmoil in your life? Think hard before you plan your future course of action.

Diana will solve it!
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