'I bumped into my ex flame...'

Dear Diana,
I am 33 and single. A decade ago, I was in love with this guy who walked out on me. Even though he had wronged me, I still pined for him. I think it was in our destiny to meet again. I bumped into him and we talked for hours. It was yesterday, once more. I sobbed bitterly on seeing him. He was sympathetic and promised to remain in touch, but did not bother to call. A few days ago, I decided to call him. When he answered his cell, he said he was meaning to tell me this, but had refrained as I would be heartbroken. He told me that he had got married and had a kid. I was shattered. Why didn't he tell me when we were together for three hours? This is proving to be even more difficult for me than his walking out on me earlier. I wish I had not met him.
– Sanjeeta

Illustration/Uday Mohite
Illustration/Uday Mohite

Dear Sanjeeta,
It is clear that this man cannot be trusted. You are sincere to him and love him, but he does not care for you. If he was genuine, he would have told you at the outset that he had already got hitched. He chose to remain quiet for reasons best known to him. What does he mean by telling you that he did not want to hurt you? He has left you in shambles for the second time and you are still pining for this nincompoop. Pick up the phone, make him hear an earful and then get going. This man is a jerk, you deserve someone better who cares for you and your feelings

Diana will solve it!
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