I can't concentrate on cricket after my split

Nov 16, 2011, 09:44 IST | Dear Diana
Dear Diana,
I am 20 years old and a budding cricketer. Two months ago, I broke off with my girlfriend and since then life has become hell. I can't even concentrate on my game; I am part of the college team. In fact I can't concentrate on anything in life. My family is wondering why I am behaving in such a weird manner. I can't forget her and keep on remembering her. The main reason we broke off was because she never had time to talk to me or see me. I used to find it strange. After a while, I gave up and let her go.
- Girish

Dear Girish,
Good heavens! You say she was your girlfriend but had no time to even talk to you. So what kind of relationship were you having? People in a relationship have so much to say to each other for hours on end. It appears that you were besotted with her but she was not at all in love with you. No wonder she used to excuse herself by saying that she had no time to talk to you. You were a fool to fall prey to her. You are better off without her. Concentrate on your cricket instead. Whenever you remember her also remember that she did not care for you, so why mourn the loss?

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