I can't forget my ex flame

Dear Diana,
Three years ago, I was involved with this guy. We drifted apart as he did not want to commit. He was married with two kids. We did not fight or anything but just stopped communicating with each other. We became strangers. And have not been in touch ever since. But my problem is that I can't stop thinking about my ex. I often cry when I think of him. I wish that he had been different because what we had was so good. How can I stop loving him? 
- Sonarika

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Sonarika,
What is the point of crying over a dead relationship? It is three years and you should have moved on by now. Remember that guy was married so obviously he did not want to commit. He was probably looking for some fun outside his marriage. He kept it going till he enjoyed it and then when he realised that it was no longer fun, he decided to stop. Also, he did not want to commit as there was no way he would leave his wife and for you. You were a fool to fall in his love trap. This man certainly does not deserve your love or respect. He could not stand up for you. You are better off without him. Begin anew and let this guy remain in your past. The next time you feel like crying remember he used you and then discarded you. So is he worth shedding tears for?


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