Dear Diana,
I am 23 years old and work as a financial analyst. My family is tired of me and my brother, who is 25. We don't share an amicable relationship. To make matters worse, we fight over trivial topics. But since he's older and wiser than me, he gets his way. To be frank, I'm not very proud of my violent self because at the end of the day, he's mostly right and I'm  wrong. Perhaps my ego is at play when he's in the vicinity. Anyway, I'm trying my best to ignore him. Or should I turn into peacenik?    
- Sai

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Sai,
Gosh! You are only 23 and already having this big battle with your brother. You hear of cases of siblings battling over family heirlooms, property, but at later stages of life. Now you are at an age when you can share stuff including secrets. Your brother is only two years older to you, so it is not that there is a big age gap and that he cannot understand you. It appears that you have a massive ego and just for the heck of it on this fighting trip. You have admitted in your letter that he is right and you are wrong in most cases. So the problem lies with you alone. Take a chill pill and treat him like a buddy. And see the sea change in your life. Remember that your bro will stand by you forever!