I can't get my eyes off this girl in college

Dear Diana,
I really like this girl at college but sometimes I wonder if it is just infatuation. We are both 19. Though we are in the same class, she is in a different division. Every time I see her talking to another guy, I feel jealous. I feel she should not be too friendly with the other guys. She is the most gorgeous and sexiest girl I have ever seen in my life, so keeping my eyes away from her is difficult. How do I get to know her and tell her about my feelings?
- Veer

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Veer,
What has stopped you from getting to know her all this while? You have been eyeing her and you want to get to know her, so you have to make the first move. But be cautious in your approach. As a first step, get to know the people she hangs out with in college. She may be in another division but as she is in the same class, I am sure there are lots of guys you know in that division as well. Once you get yourself introduced, then as step two, smile and say a hi when you pass by her. After some casual hellos, start a conversation. Talk about classes, professors, exams... stuff that is common to you both. By that time you will know her a bit. But don't act as if you are desperate to know her and that you have been literally stalking her. This will put her off. Go slow and begin with casual conversations initially. Only when you know her well, can you express your feelings for her. And this is going to take a while.


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