Dear Diana,
I'm a 26-year old guy who mostly works from home. This means having to deal with my mom's hijacking of  the remote control. As it is I hardly watch much TV as a majority of my time is spent on the PC. But she's a huge fan of numerous soap operas and makes sure she doesn't miss a single episode of her favourite serials and keeps on watching re-runs. We often end up arguing but the status quo remains. She wins no matter what! I just want her to watch informative channels instead of this drag. But she doesn't budge and asks me to mind my own business and not advise her what to do.
-- Nivedan

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Nivedan,
Your plight is not singularly unique. There are several folk out there who share your sentiments. But at her age, your mother's viewing habits will be difficult to change. She is not interested in other stuff so telling her to watch something else will be pointless. I am sure that you must have introduced her to new shows and channels but she must have not cared for them. Instead just let her be. Invest in a new TV for yourself or get a cable connect to your PC. In zillions of homes such drama ensues over the fight for the remote control, and then you blame the soap for the high drama.