Dear Diana,
I have been with this guy for about seven months. We have been hanging out together, but are yet to figure out whether we are serious about each other. Sometimes I feel he is not the guy for me. He is too busy with office, but at the same time he does take out time for me and calls/SMSes me when he is tied up with work. He is more serious about me and does not want to push me into anything. Two weeks ago, I met this other guy at a party. I found myself drawn to him. I now feel that I am better off with this new guy though I have known him for just a few days. I went out with him for a movie and we have been hanging out. He wants to get intimate with me. Things are going really fast with him. Is it okay to not tell about my new fancy to my guy? I really can’t decide between the two. How do I choose?
— Suneela

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Suneela,
You seem to have a wavering mind, so first clear your muddled mind. Then sit down and ponder who is the better bet. You will have to choose between the two guys. Your guy seems more committed than you. He is sincere and is not pushing you into anything. This new guy, who you barely know for two weeks, already wants to get intimate with you. There could be other things on his mind. He could perhaps be befriending you only for a sexual relation. Right now the two guys are clueless about each other’s existence, but it will be hell for you when they find out. This new man on your scene looks like the man in a hurry as opposed to the current guy who seems more stable. Take a reality check and decide. You also need to spend more time with the new guy to know his real self. Don’t make a hasty decision. Right now this new man does not appear to be a safe bet.