Dear Diana,
I'm 32 and suffer from diabetes and low blood pressure. I'm on regular medication. Due to my health issues, I rarely used to socialise. Now I feel I should find a soulmate. I haven't been successful because when people know about my health issues, they turn back. When they realise about my diabetes, they become wary. How do I go about finding a suitable partner?
— Ranji

Illustration/ Amit Bandre
Illustration/ Amit Bandre 

Dear Ranji,
There are multitudes of people out there who suffer from diabetes and blood pressure issues. There are children also who suffer from diabetes. This does not stop anyone from leading a normal life with a proper diet and medication. What you need to find is a likeminded person or perhaps someone who is also a diabetic and can understand your situation. Register yourself with a matrimonial site and they can help you find the kind of girl you want. Also, if you start socialising, chances are that you can find someone you can relate to.