Dear Diana,
I will turn 31 next month. Though I am doing well professionally, my personal life is in a mess. I was in a relationship with a girl I fancied during my college days, but we drifted apart. Ever since, I have not been drawn to any other woman. It could be due to my long hours at work and no social life. My parents are trying to fix a match for me, but their arranged alliances are proving to be an exercise in futility. I can't find a girl to love me. I have female friends, but they are just buddies. How do I find a girl to marry? My parents feel I am growing old and things will be difficult with every passing day. Their daily ribbing is causing me immense stress. What do I do? Where do I find my dream girl?
— Vedant


Dear Vedant,
You can't go hunting for a girl. Love just happens. You never know when and where you will meet that someone special. May be because of your busy lifestyle, you do not have time to socialise. Or you are just not serious about marriage. You may be happy in life, but your parents want you to settle down. They are anxious to see you married like all parents do. They want the best for you so their fears and apprehensions are justified. It appears that your life revolves around office and home. Maybe that is the reason you have not found anyone suitable. Perhaps you are sending the wrong messages across which is keeping girls at bay. Learn to loosen up and be ready to mingle. You cannot keep a deadline for finding a girl. At the same time get in a marriage frame of mind. You can also register yourself on matrimonial websites for a wider choice. At the same time, do not stress yourself about not being married. This will only put you off marriage. So just go with the flow.