'I can't find a soulmate'

Dear Diana,
I'm 22 and currently studying in Mumbai. I'm openly gay. I hang out with my straight friends, but always end up dating guys who are not confident about their orientation. I desire a guy who is like me — masculine and homosexual. It's like all the guys I meet are those whom I don't have a strong relationship with. I'm worried I might end up alone at this rate.
— Sambav

Illustration/ Amit Bandre
Illustration/ Amit Bandre 

Dear Sambav,
You are only 22, so there is no need to worry right now about a suitable match. You need to interact with the right kind of people to find a soulmate. Find out about the local LGBT communities and their support groups. There is no point pining for someone who is never going to be a real possibility. Put yourself out there where you can meet likeminded people. Also, you are only 22 so at this stage concentrate on your studies rather than your love life. You may be clear about your sexual orientation, but you will meet many who are unclear and can't decide, in such cases you can also help them overcome their apprehensions like you have.

Diana will solve it!
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