'I caught my girl getting physical with another guy...'

Dear Diana,
Two weeks ago, I caught my girlfriend with another man. I have been with her for two years. I caught them getting intimate in a car park. They did not know that I would be driving in there to park my car too.

I know this guy as he is part of her gang of friends from her college days. I was aghast. Just a few days before this incident, she had spoken about marriage. I felt betrayed and humiliated. I was fully committed to the the relationship. Ever since I related this incident to my close friend, he has been telling me about her two-timing ways.

He, too, had earlier seen them together at a movie hall, but as they were pals he did not tell me anything. Now more and more of her friends have been coming to tell me about her and this guy. I did everything for her and this is how she treated me. She has hurt me terribly. What should I do?

- Aadesh

Illustrations/Amit Bandre

Dear Aadesh,
This girl has taken you for a ride. You were a fool to believe her. She was two-timing you all along and now you are getting to know the truth.

What amazes me is that your common friends did not alert you about what was going on. They are now telling you what she was up to when the damage has already been done. This girl is not worthy of your love. You gave your everything to the relationship, but she did not care for you.

Nor did she love you or she would not have cheated on you. Just stop communicating with her. If she comes up to you with an explanation, you can listen to her, but give her a piece of your mind. Tell her what if she had caught you in the arms of another woman, how would she have reacted?

Cut her out of your life and move on. Let it remain a bad dream and be thankful you got out of the relationship with an untrustworthy girl.

  • Kevin26-Apr-2015

    He should do the same thing to her. Revenge should be a bitch

  • indian26-Apr-2015

    forget her. She doesnt deserve a guy like you. Break up with her and rea;ise that this woeld is much more than love and girls, its about helping, fun, sorrow, anger and kindness. you will see a different world when you get over her.all the best man

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