'I caught my wife in bed with another man...'

Dear Diana,
I caught my wife with another man in our bedroom. I was supposed to be out of the city for a week however having wrapped up work earlier than expected, I thought of returning home and giving my wife a surprise. I have a key to the house and when I entered, I did not see her so I assumed she was away. I went to the kitchen and had a quick bite. After about 10 minutes, I went towards the bedroom only to find the door closed. When I opened it, to my shock I saw her with this guy. I was appalled and furious. The guy dressed up and tried to leave the room, but I stopped him. My wife was apologetic, but I would have nothing of her nonsense. I forced both of them to tell me what was going on behind my back. Turned out that my wife had an affair with this guy before marriage. As her family was not keen, she agreed to marry me, but kept in touch with this guy. I don't want to see my wife's face again. We have been married for 10 months. What are my options? How should I go about this situation? I've gone through more than enough grief after seeing them physically close.
— Karnesh

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Karnesh,
The trust is broken and accepting her apology is pointless as she will continue seeing this guy behind your back. You will always doubt her. There is nothing left in the marriage. You need to tell her folks what is going on and get going your way. At the same time, give her family a earful for causing this misery. She has betrayed you so she has to pay the price for ruining your life. Just tell her to get lost.

Diana will solve it!
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  • rahul K27-Apr-2015

    Hi Diana,Why is it that the girl should face the heat? Why can not the guy goto the girls parents? It could be she was acting out of self preservation from her parents side too.Is it wrong for her to fall in love with the man she wants and pursue a life with him. Although under distress of her parents she married he current husband. Probably a social disease is at play here in terms of orthodox thinking and asking he girl to get lost serves no purpose. Does it not?

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