I cheated on my guy...

But my beau caught me with this new guy. Things obviously soured and both my old boyfriend and this new guy dumped me. Recently I bumped into my old boyfriend after all these months. We have again been on talking terms. Can I rekindle the passion and just bury things? Should we be together again?
— Sona

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Sona,
You do not deserve him as a boyfriend. You cheated on him, used him and now you expect him to be your friend again? I’m sorry but I wouldn’t be your friend either infact I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near you. Hurting him, breaking his heart and taking advantage of his generosity? Leave him alone be grateful he even looks in your direction after what you did. Remember you cannot treat people like that in life. You were planning to dump him, right? So why do you want to befriend him now? Let him be.

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