Mehrab Hossain, whose shot hit Raman Lamba on the head during a 1998 club game in Bangladesh, tells Bipin Dani: “I shall never forget that fateful day in my life. It took more than a week for me to come out of the shock and it was hard for my family members and friends to persuade me not to feel guilty about the incident. But how could I forget it so easily?

Mehrab Hossain

Players should listen to what a captain says on field. Raman was asked by acting captain (Khaled Mashud) to put on a helmet but he didn’t. Had he used it, who knows, he would not have died. I also think the medical treatment he received was not adequate. The club for which he was playing did not handle the situation well. I could only say ‘sorry’ to Raman’s wife in hospital, but she was speechless.

It would have been very easy to organise a benefit match for him or name a pavilion or dressing room in his memory, but even after promises, this was not done.”