I deeply regret 2008 hunting safari, admits Glenn McGrath

Feb 23, 2015, 08:33 IST | AFP

Sydney: Former Australian Test cricketer Glenn McGrath says he deeply regrets being involved in a shooting safari, after photos of him posing with a dead elephant and buffalo emerged on social media.

A smiling Glenn McGrath is pictured with a gun and a bison. Pic/www.msn.com
A smiling Glenn McGrath is pictured with a gun and a bison. Pic/www.msn.com 

In a statement, McGrath said he participated in a hunting safari in Zimbabwe in 2008 "that was licensed and legal but in hindsight highly inappropriate".

Testing times
"It was an extremely difficult time in my life and looking back I deeply regret being involved," he said.

McGrath lost his first wife, Jane, to breast cancer in 2008.

The photographs, in which a smiling McGrath is seen with a rifle in his hands posing in front of the dead animals, had reportedly been posted on the website of Chipitani Safari Company.

The images sparked outrage on Twitter on Saturday after they were reposted on Facebook by an animal activist group, prompting McGrath to release a two-sentence statement on his Twitter account.

Brett Lee also part of the hunting controversy

It's not just McGrath. Former Australian cricketer Brett Lee is the latest to be involved in the hunting controversy.

Brett Lee
Brett Lee 

Yesterday, a photograph of Lee and McGrath surfaced around a dead, bleeding animal hanging off the back of a vehicle and two children posing with them.

McGrath is a known to be a hunting enthusiast and used to often go out with Lee to his rural property.

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