'I detest this touchy-feely guy in office'

I hate this touchy-feely guy at work. Even though I’m well aware that he does it to everyone as it’s his habit, I feel it’s inappropriate and a bit too much to handle at times.
— Jasmine

Illustration/ Amit Bandre

Dear Jasmine,
It appears that this guy does not have any ulterior motives. As it has become a habit, he does not even realise it. But if you want to make him aware that he is a nuisance, the next time he touches you, react in a startled way. Yelp a bit too to get his attention. Link his behaviour with your reaction to make him realise that he just did something offensive. Perhaps next time he will think twice before getting touchy-feely with you. Also, speak to your other colleagues on how they have been tackling him.

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