Dear Diana,
I'm 35 and currently unemployed. There was a woman whom I was comfortable with at my former work place. Now that I have quit my job, I think I'm in love with her. She used to be nice to me, but I was never serious about her, given my failed marriage and an ugly divorce. I now realised that it was love. After I left my job, she quit too. I’m not only feeling lonely, but also guilty of not taking the signs seriously. 
— Timur

Dear Diana
Illustration/Amit Bandre

Dear Timur,
There is no point brooding over what you could not see. If you are really interested in her pick up the phone and call her. Meet her over coffee and tell her exactly how you feel. She dropped several hints which you did not notice, so now tell her what she was waiting to hear from you. Get to know her better and then think of taking the relationship to the next level.

Dear Diana,
Four years ago, I proposed to a girl from our neighbourhood. She rejected saying that she doesn’t think I have a future with her. She assumed that I won’t amount to much given my reputation as a loser. I would often bump into her every now and then, but we never spoke though we have each other’s cell numbers. She was engaged to this guy, but the wedding was called off. As a result, she’s in agony and barely leaving her house. I feel for her. What should I do?
— Suveer

Dear Suveer,
Given her state to mind, she would not like to meet anyone. For now, it is best that you give her time to heal and move forward. After a while, you can send her a SMS or call her and tell her you feel her pain. If she responds or is looking for a shoulder to cry on, you can reconnect with her. If she does not respond, it means that she is not interested in you.