Saif Ali Khan means business. The newly-appointed Nawab takes a break from shooting in a jet-black ensemble for an action sequence in Race 2 to talk about his latest cinematic adventure, Agent Vinod. Marriage to Kareena Kapoor? No answers to that one yet

You have invested considerable time and money in Agent Vinod. What pushed you in making a spy thriller?
The film's writer-director Sriram Raghavan and I have seen the same kind of movies and read the same books -- whether it is Alistair Maclean or Robert Ludlum or Ian Fleming. The film is a bit of Bond, (Jason) Bourne and Tintin. I always wanted to make a good spy thriller and now we have done so.

Saif Ali Khan likes his character in Agent Vinod. "He's entertainingly
irreverent," says Khan, who plays a spy

What is exciting about playing a spy?

There are emotional heroes and there are physical heroes -- Agent Vinod is both. He is a hero because of the values he stands for and the people he protects. He is prepared to give up his life for his country but not in an
overtly righteous way. He is one of the good guys, but he is entertainingly irreverent.

Sounds like a cool character.
A spy who risks his life for his country, by definition, is cool. I don't know if it is just me; I think anybody could do it.

Was it difficult to produce and act in an expensive film?
Acting and producing are quite supportive of each other; why should there be a clash? You have a realistic idea of the film you can make on your budget, but you want the best so you work hard as a producer to achieve that. I find myself agitating, questioning, but that is normal when we are trying to do something special.

Why did you opt for Sriram Raghavan?
He was the only person who had the same vision for the film and understood the character. Some guys wanted to make it a little more comic, some wanted to make it more stylised.

Sriram recently said you can become a good director. Comment.
I think what he meant was that I enjoy getting the world of this film to look right. I am not interested in doing that in love stories or comedies but I think a film like this is very important.

Won't a mujra in a film like this stick out like a sore thumb?
The film is a thriller that covers different countries and palates. At one stage in the story, the setting is perfect for a mujra. It is different from the item numbers happening these days.

Are you planning to marry this year?
I will discuss my personal life after Agent Vinod.

You had no films in 2010, a single release in 2011 and now four releases in 2012.
I have done comparatively less work in the last couple of years. I am enjoying doing more work again.

In your other production, Cocktail, you team up with Deepika again.
I am comfortable working with everybody. I don't think it makes much difference whether you have worked with them before or not. We (Deepika and I) have now done three films in a row together (Love Aaj Kal, Aarakshan and now Cocktail). It would be nice to have a fresh cast in a film.

What motivated you to produce Go Goa Gone?
I thought it would be fun and entertaining to produce Go Goa Gone.
I have a small role in it as well.

You daughter Sara Ali Khan made her glamorous debut on the cover of a magazine with her mother Amrita Singh recently.
I wouldn't call it a glam debut. I would encourage her to do whatever holds her interest and she has my complete support in whatever she wants to do.

Would you ever produce a film for Sara?
If she (Sara) is serious about being an actor, we would consider it.

After your father's demise, you have become the new Nawab. How has that changed your worldview?
It is really a family tradition. It is a private, family matter so I don't feel pressured by it.

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