'I don't do romantic films, I don't know why!'

Bong Bollywood bombshell chats about her next film Players, her willingness to work with ex-beau John Abraham and wonders why she doesn't get to play romantic roles

Ten years after Abbas Mustan launched you with Ajnabee, you are back with them in Players.

My motivation to do this film is Abbas-Mustan. They got me into the business. I want to be a part of any film they do because every time they have got me onboard (like in Race), it has always worked. When I heard the story of Players, they were in Russia. I just called them and told them, I am in. It is an adaptation of the 1993 film, The Italian Job, but they have taken it forward and attuned it to 2012.

You play an automobile expert in this film. Are you a fan of cars and bikes?
Every player has a particular skill that they are known for and are good at. I love cars and bikes but I don't know how to operate them very well. I love to be taken for a ride, but not in the idiomatic sense (laughs).

The film has several stunts. What do you prefer: action or romancing around trees?
I would love to do a hand-to-hand combat film. In Roland Joffe's Singularity I have a sword fighting scene with 50 soldiers. It's a massacre with me alone in a battlefield and I am slicing, chopping and killing people. There's blood flying and I am ducking; it is high energy. I loved it! 

Did you get along with your female co-star Sonam?
Sonam is adorable and really cute. She is absolutely in her own zone and it's nice that we are not competing in the film. I have done a lot of multistarrers and I believe that my co-star should give their best to my film -- they should look and act their best -- because I am doing the same. It is a cumulative effort that finally shows.

After Zameen, why haven't you been romantically paired with Abhishek in any of your films?
If you are looking for romance, this is the wrong film. It is a sexy, stylish, modern heist thriller about players, their relationships and interactions. There is a very subtle romance. I don't think I have been paired romantically with anyone ever. I don't do romantic films, I don't know why! I am quite a romantic person. Maybe I don't look romantic.

But you are paired opposite R Madhavan in the romcom Jodi Breakers.
That is going to be a really cute, romantic comedy. For the first time, I am doing a film, in which I play a character who is a little bit like me. Madhavan and I have some amazing scenes together.

After your breakup with John, your personal life has been under the scanner.
I have been under the scanner for 10 years (laughs). Breakups are tough for everyone but you move on.

Would you like to work with him professionally?
Yeah, why not?

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