I don't know how to tell them about my miscarriage

Dear Diana,
I was two months pregnant but last week I had a miscarriage. I am shattered as I had conceived after seven years of marriage. I am 31. I don't know how to tell my in-laws and my folks about it. My husband is aware but he has left it to me to tell the world. We had a rocky marriage and I felt having a baby was the best way to wipe away the past. Three days ago, he had to leave for an office seminar in Chennai which he could not cancel as he  had presentations to make. My life has collapsed around me and I am in pieces. Yet the thing I'm dreading is telling my folks. As he is away, it is making it even more difficult. 
- Teena

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Teena,
I'm sorry you had a miscarriage, and it must be incredibly hard to go through it. The very fact that you are terrified to tell your folks that you had a miscarriage shows that you know how important this baby was. But you need to tell them soon. And it should come from you. Yes, I know it will be hard telling them, but it needs to be done so you need to get as much strength as you can and pick up the phone. I sympathise with you but my dear a baby does not fix a relationship. You had your differences, work on the marriage first. Fate thought this wasn't the right time for you to have a baby, but you have your life ahead and another healthy pregnancy is possible.

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