Dear Diana,
I have fallen for this guy who I met through a common friend recently. My pal knows him as he lives in her cousin's building. I am obsessed with him and go through his Facebook page just to look at his pictures. I have never felt like this before. I am 22 and studying for my postgraduation. I often find myself taking walks near the building he resides, so that I can get a glimpse of him. He lives not too far from my place. I don't know how to tell the common friend that I am interested in him. Though I know her well, I am scared about what she will think. I feel like sending him a friend request on Facebook. I really do not know how he will react. How do I overcome my fear? I want him, but at the same time fear rejection. I don't know how to tell my friend about my feelings for him. What if she likes him? What should I do? I am obsessed with him.
— Ayesha


Dear Ayesha,
First, put all your fears and apprehensions to rest. What has stopped you from sending him a friend request on Facebook? At the same time, you can casually find out from your pal about him — there is no need to confess your feelings for him at the outset. Also, instead of wallowing in self-pity and fear, get to know him. This should not be difficult if you are hanging out with the common pal. Make sure to be around when he is coming along. Also, stop stalking him by frequenting his place of residence. This might create problems for you. The cause of your anxiety is that you are desperate to know him. Facebook can help, so get going. Also, remember, if you don't approach him someone else might.