Dear Diana,
I am friendly with this guy in college. He is my classmate and we get along well. We are studying civil engineering and he helps me a lot with notes and projects. Everyone in class teases me with him. They tell me he likes me and that they can see his love for me in his eyes. They feel he treats me differently and they have often spotted him looking at me. I have always treated him as a buddy. We even hang out together and often go for movies and meals together, but in a group. Of late, however, when other girls in the class ask him for help with notes and projects, I feel he should not help them, but only me. I feel possessive about him suddenly. Does this mean I am falling for him? I really do not know what is on his mind. I wonder if he really cares for me. Is he really in love with me as my pals tell me. What do I do?
— Malati


Dear Malati,
At the moment you are young and in college, so let things be as it is. Let him remain your close buddy. From the looks of it, you also like him, but may be you are not ready to accept this. It could be so as it is the first time you are feeling this way. That you feel possessive when other girls are around is a clear indication that you have feelings for him. Or you would not care when he is with other girls. You feel jealous as you want his undivided attention. This is also a sign of you wanting more than just his friendship. But as things are now, just be yourself and cherish the friendship. Meanwhile, you can drop hints to get your feelings across to him. He is also perhaps awkward expressing his feelings for you. When he realises that you, too, are feeling the same way, it will be more comfortable. You could be together in the future.