'I don't know if she likes me...'

Dear Diana,
I am attracted to this girl in college. I can't take my eyes off her when she is around. I have not felt like this for any other girl before. She is pretty and has a lovely smile. I know her, but I am not as close to her as I want to be. During college, we hang out in a group in the canteen. As she is not in my class, but a year junior to me, I do not have the opportunity to sit with her during lectures. We also hang out in a group in shopping malls and often go for movies. I have been dropping a lot of hints to her, but she just does not understand. She has not been responding at all. A friend tells me she's playing hard to get, so she won't get the hint. Another friend says she is dumb, so she is not getting it. I am confused. Should I continue with the friendship and express my feelings after a while? Or am I doing something wrong by expressing my feelings? I want to hang out with her alone.
— Manav


Dear Manav,
It could be that she does not want to get serious now. You are still young and in college. That's the reason she prefers hanging out in a group. Or perhaps she may have her set of fears and apprehensions which is the reason why she is not reciprocating your feelings. There is also a probability that she does not know how to react and you feel she is behaving in an odd manner. At this stage, it is better to be friends with her rather than think of having an affair with her. Concentrate on your studies which should be a priority in your lives for now. Your pals may say anything. One feels she is playing hard to get while the other thinks she is plain dumb. But what you think about her matters. Right now be with her in a gang. Give her time to get comfortable with you and then ask her out for a coffee or movie. Go slow or you will lose her as a friend.

Diana will solve it!
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