'I don't know why he dumped me...'

Dear Diana,
After being with my guy for almost two years, he has now suddenly stopped calling me and avoids meeting me. He behaves as if I do not exist. When I question him, he makes fun of me. I am terribly hurt and wonder what prompted this sudden behaviour change. I now keep to myself. Initially, I would try to ask him what went wrong, but he would not reply. My problem is that I have done everything to forget him, but in vain. I keep thinking about him and all the stuff that he told me. I thought we had a future together. His pals now tell me he has found someone else. This is the reason why he suddenly dumped me. I wonder why I can’t get him out of my head even after the way he treated me. I am still in love with him and prepared to forgive him. What should I do? Why can’t he tell me the reason behind this sudden decision to cut of all ties with me?
— Neerja


Dear Neerja,
You gave your everything to make the relationship work, but this guy was not serious about you. If what his pals are telling you about another woman on the scene, then you need to move on as soon as possible. He is no longer interested — that’s the reason he stopped calling and meeting you. He does not have the guts to tell you the reason why he dumped you — that’s why he is avoiding you. Remember, he dumped you first, so why are you still pining for him? You may have called it quits now, but that’s what he wanted. Move on and get a life. This man did not deserve your love. The faster you realise this, it will be better for you. Look at this as a lesson learnt.

Diana will solve it!
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