'I don't like my best buddy's boyfriend...'

Nov 27, 2014, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana,
I find my best friend's guy quite irritating. He is such a loudmouth and loves to brag about his connections. I often wonder what made her like him. She is exactly the opposite of him. She is quiet and reserved, while he is such a show-off that I feel like slapping him sometimes. I have told my friend how I feel about him. This has resulted in her maintaining a distance from me. Our friendship is not like what it was before he appeared on the scene. I seriously want her to sort out her life and dump the guy, but she isn't listening. How do I knock sense in her that he is not her type and that in the end she will be left heartbroken. Why can't she see that he is taking her for a ride?
— Kashish


Dear Kashish,
As they say love is blind. You may find faults in him, but your buddy will not as she is besotted by him. If you keep talking ill about him, your pal will not take it kindly. No wonder she is maintaining a distance from you. You are being judgmental because you don't think this person is good enough for your friend. Is it due to his behaviour, nature or is there another reason? Do you resent the fact that she is spending more time with him than with you? Whatever the reason is, don't let emotions rule you. Find a way to make peace with her and her guy. You do not know what the future holds. So give their relationship time. Perhaps things might not work out for your pal on his front, so then she will need you even more. Instead of cribbing and complaining about her guy constantly, find common ground to stand on. You can tell her how you feel about him in an honest and frank manner. Then it is up to her to decide what to do. It is her life and her calling, as a friend you should be there to guide her.

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