Dear Diana,
I recently broke up with my boyfriend. We had severe differences and as we would keep on fighting, I felt it was best to separate. He felt we should take time off for a while. But I did not listen to him and felt it was best to end the relationship. We were together for two years. He told me I would regret the decision, but I paid no heed. It has been a month since we broke off, but to my dismay several of my pals are still in touch with him. There are times when they are together and I am sitting at home alone. I have been telling my pals to not talk to him. I do not like it when my pals talk to him. They are, however, insisting that they will continue talking to him. My pals say I have broken off with him — they have not. I do not know what to do when they talk about him. One of my pals has also said that I should swallow my ego and reconcile with him. At times, I feel I acted in haste. What should I do?
— Neelima

Dear Neelima,
What your pals are saying is correct. You decided to snap ties with him, they did not — so you cannot tell them to not talk to them. Why should their friendship with him suffer because of you? It appears that you broke off in haste and are now regretting at leisure. Break-ups are tough. You seemed to be on an ego trip and felt you were right. What your guy was saying was true — you needed to take a break from him, introspect and then decide the future course of action. If you don't want to lose him forever, then win him back. I am sure your pals will be happy to help. When you two get back, work on the relationship and don't take hasty decisions.