'I don't like my pal's boyfriend...'

Dear Diana,
I have this friend I'm close to, but recently we haven't been getting on very well. At a Christmas party we ignored each other. Things are getting bad between us due to her guy.

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre

She’s getting close to a creep of a boyfriend and she’s out every night with him. I seriously want her to sort out her life and dump the guy, but she isn’t listening. She’s in love with a guy who is going to break her heart — sooner or later.

This man has a casanova image and is a good-for-nothing. He has the gift of the gab and she has fallen for him. I have tried explaining to her to steer clear from this guy, but she will not listen. She thinks I am trying to pull her away from the guy due to vested interests. Just because there is no one on my scene, she thinks that I am jealous of her. How do I knock sense into her head that this is not the case? Some other pals have also cautioned her, but she is not paying attention to them as well.
— Maneeza

Dear Maneeza,
As they say love is blind. You and some other pals have cautioned her, but she is in no mood to listen. You have done your bit as a close buddy and warned her, now it is up to her. There is no point fretting and fuming about her guy as she is in no mood to listen. For now, just let her be. As she is your buddy, be around, but at the same time stay away when her guy is on the scene. In this way you will avoid any confrontation with her.

May be over a period of time, she will realise what type of a guy he is and move away. At that time she will need you the most, so don’t just cut yourself away. It’s perfectly okay to tell your friend how you feel about her guy. Friendship doesn’t have to go to the wayside once a relationship enters the situation.

Diana will solve it!
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