New Delhi: Replying to the critics who have been accusing him of using the name of his in-laws to further his business interest, Robert Vadra yesterday said he did not need Priyanka (Gandhi) to ‘enhance’ his life.

“I had enough,” he said, adding that he can ‘absorb’ a lot and people will get to know the truth about him.

Robert Vadra

Besides, Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law also took a dig at the Centre, saying people are ‘upset’ and will ‘revolt’.

“I wish the government best. But I think people will revolt and understand what is right and wrong. In business, people are upset; in real estate, people are upset.

They will start voicing their opinion soon enough,” he said.

Reacting sharply to Vadra’s jibes, BJP said ‘a people’s revolt’ already happened in 2014 when the ‘corrupt’ UPA government was voted out of power.