Dear Diana,
I have been friendly with this married guy for the past eight months. We met through a common friend. He tells me he loves me and is comfortable with me. I am single. He is affectionate and genuine, but whenever he tells me he likes me, he does not look at me. What does this mean? I am guessing he does not mean it, as he cannot look me in the face. When someone is lying to you, they usually behave in such a manner. When I told him about it, he says he does not have the courage to say it looking at me. What does he mean? Is he shy or is he just playing with my feelings? At the same time, he tells me about his domestic issues and how he finds peace when I am around. He has not yet told his wife about me. Whenever I broach the subject of his wife, he avoids talking to me. Can I trust this man?
— Aashna

Illustration/Uday Mohite
Illustration/Uday Mohite

Dear Aashna,
You are in love with him, but he is having an extramarital affair. He may not be looking at you when saying that he loves you due to his shy disposition. Some guys get tongue-tied when it comes to expressing their love. Or more likely because he feels guilty as he is married. He knows he is cheating on his wife. So he can't get himself to look at you in the eyes. The guy appears attracted to you, but it is important to know whether he really means it. He might just be using you to satisfy his sexual urges and then dump you when he loses interest in you. First, you need to ask him if he is really interested in you. If yes, he needs to make up his mind and decide where he wants to be. He will have to choose. Right now you two are having an affair, but sooner or later his wife and other family members will know and it will be hell for you.